• How to Take Amazing Photos of Your Pet with Your Smartphone

    Remember when you were in elementary school, and it was school photo day? The whole class would line up in the auditorium. One by one, you and your classmates would get a turn with the photographer. There would be a stool situated in front of a nondescript blue backdrop and several lights aimed at it. You’d climb onto the stool, sit still with your eyes open wide, smile, and say cheese. The photographer’s big fancy camera would make a few quick clicking sounds, and it would be over.

    I cringe thinking back to how awkward most of my school photos turned out; I was such a nerd! Still, this is a great example of the main features of portrait photography - lighting, pose, and backdrop. If you apply these concepts to your pet photography, you can greatly improve the quality of your photos.
  • New Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

    I bought a large format epson printer at the end of last year. Ever since, I've been working on perfecting the process of making gallery wrapped canvas prints of my paintings. I'm now happy to let you know that they are ready!

    I print, varnish, and stretch every canvas print myself. I DO NOT use print on demand companies. This means that each print is high-quality and an exact color match to the original painting! They look so awesome that most of the people who have seen them so far have mistaken them for original paintings! They look like originals but are much more affordable 😄

    My gallery wrapped canvas prints are now available on my website and at my gallery.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a happy day 💕
  • Krystle’s Guide to Framing Prints and Making Them Look Amazing!

    I love making prints of all of my paintings because this allows more people to enjoy my art. Prints are very affordable and an excellent alternative to purchasing an original painting. My prints are archival, which means that I use pigment based inks that are guaranteed not to fade for at least 75 years if displayed in normal indoor lighting conditions. My prints are also easy to frame because they fit standard frames that you can find at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or online at Amazon.com.
  • On the Road - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    On the weekends that I have art fairs, my gallery will be closed at Towne West Mall in Wichita. ALL OTHER WEEKENDS MY GALLERY WILL BE OPEN!

    Affair of the Heart - Booth 415
    July 12 - 14
    Tulsa, OK

    SantaCaliGon Days -
    August 30 - Sept 2
    Independence, MO

    Walnut Valley Festival -
    Sept 19 - 22
    Winfield, KS

    Affair of the Heart -
    Oct 18 - 20
    OKC, OK

    Omaha Autumn Festival -
    Nov 7 - 10
    Omaha, NE
  • Watch Me on KSN's Mainstreet Kansas Segment

  • I Love Painting Animals :)

    Video tour of my gallery and painting demo of a doberman. Click to watch.
  • Painting Titan the Elephant

    A short video of me painting a colorful elephant. Click to watch.
  • Visionary Impressionism and the Practice of Mindful Painting

    Like the Impressionists, I paint what I observe with my eyes. Some of my favorite subjects are the landscapes, people, and pets in my life. However, I also paint aspects of reality that I feel emotionally and sense intuitively.

    Essentially, I practice mindful painting; it’s congruous with the practice of mindfulness meditation in that I relax while focusing on observing all the nuances of life.
  • Artist Statement

    My work focuses on expressing the essence of the most innate and eternal moment that exists at the fundamental basis of our reality.