The classical Impressionists depicted their reality by painting what they observed with their eyes. Typically, they focused on landscapes and portraits. Monet’s waterlily paintings come to mind alongside Mary Cassatt’s portraits of women and children.

My work is similar, yet it is also a departure from theirs. Like the Impressionists, I paint what I observe with my eyes. Some of my favorite subjects are the landscapes, people, and pets in my life. However, I also paint aspects of reality that I feel emotionally and sense intuitively.

Essentially, I practice mindful painting; it’s congruous with the practice of mindfulness meditation in that I relax while focusing on observing all the nuances of life.

For instance, my cat and dog paintings explore the concept of love, which I feel is at the basis of the universe. We all experience love, yet we usually don’t see it with our eyes. To me, the love I feel for my cats feels like bright rainbows with lots of textures, so I provide the means for this to take form on the canvas.

Ultimately, I hope my paintings strike a subconscious chord within the viewer to remind them that there’s more to this reality than meets the eye. And, with some patient observation, we all can experience it.