2nd Edition of “After the Trip” Just Released!

After-the-Trip-2nd-Edition-Front-Cover(sm)The new 2nd edition of my book, After the Trip, is now available on Amazon.com! A limited number of signed copies are also available in my store :-)

From the introduction – This book is unique, as it intertwines the mundane and the mystical. Through the practice of journaling, I provide a narrative depiction of my daily life while discussing various topics related to personal growth. Some of these topics include my thoughts on spirituality, the psychedelic experience, maintaining a high level of happiness, achieving goals, and living a fulfilling life. In hopes of communicating authentically, I share some of my most private thoughts on reality and our place in the cosmos.

My first psychedelic experience, at only eighteen years of age, had a profound effect on me. So much so that I felt it was necessary to delve deeper into my consciousness through a succession of high-dose trips. Of course, there were positive and negative consequences to this course of action. My life was a roller coaster of blissful states of non-duality and nightmares I now wish could be erased from my memory entirely.

When I was twenty-three, I decided to begin writing about these experiences and the events surrounding them in my book Lysergic. Three years down the road, I embarked upon the first edition of After the Trip as a follow-up to Lysergic. It’s not necessary to have read Lysergic prior to reading this book. However, if you do, you’ll likely have a better understanding of some of the subjects I discuss – particularly those relating to the Pickard-Skinner LSD bust.

In this second edition of After the Trip, I continue my daily journal. I share my perspective on reality as a thirty-two year old to demonstrate how my worldview is developing directly as it occurs. To my knowledge, this is the only book in existence where such an endeavor is being attempted.

I hope you find what I’ve learned and what I’m in the process of learning to be helpful to you. After all, we’re the same loving oneness at our deepest and innermost level. There’s no separation. No you, no me. Just Being. Well, that’s what I experienced anyway…

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Shroom Within… Psychedelic Art with a Message

Shroom Within - 13" x 17.5" Giclee Fine Art Print

I have always been partial to the style of 1960s poster art. So a couple days ago I decided to create some poster art of my own. The theme behind “Shroom Within” is, of course, psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. My goal with this peice is to shed light on the social issues of drug legalization and drug harm reduction education.

Signed, limited edition prints are available on the NeuroSoup Ebay fundraiser for only $24.99.

All proceeds go to support NeuroSoup’s mission and objectives. NeuroSoup is a drug education and harm reduction website. I founded the site in 2007, and ever since we have been providing much-needed harm reduction resources for millions of website visitors each year.

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Learn About the Symbolism within One of My Paintings

“Creation” prints are available here

Discount Prints May be Available on the NeuroSoup Fundraiser

Custom frame for “Creation” made by Gregory Folken

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