Psychedelic Sister

Here’s another new painting! It’s a psychedelic inspired portrait of my sister Mariah. (Click on the images below to open a large image viewer.)

Find more information about the original painting, or check out my digitally enhanced print reproductions.

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My Newest Psychedelic Expressionist Creation

“Sweet Samadhi” is a portrait of my cat Samadhi. He’s such a sweet and loving kitty. I focused on this aspect of his personality as I painted this piece.

Sweet Samadhi

For now I’m keeping the original painting in my collection, but digitally enhanced reproductions are available here.

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A New Way to Connect

I just started a new Facebook page that will be focused specifically on my art. So if you’d like to get more detailed updates on my new works in progress, paintings, and digital art, be sure to like my new page to follow my posts!

Here’s the link:

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