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Evolution of My Karma Paintings

Posted on Sep 30, 2016 | 0 comments


karma-picAbout seven years ago, my ex-boyfriend, found Karma alone and starving on a remote hiking trail. She’d been abandoned, dumped off by her previous owners in the summer heat without food or water. She couldn’t have been more than seven weeks old.

It was two weeks after my birthday at the time, and my ex hadn’t gotten me a present yet. So when he walked in the door, handed me an emaciated, bug bitten, sickly little kitten, and said “Happy Birthday”, my initial reaction was something along the lines of WTF seriously?!? First, you don’t get me a birthday present. Then you bring me a half dead cat?! Regardless, I quickly set my aggravation aside and got her some food, water, a lap with warm snuggles, and a mobile vet visit.

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