Custom Pet Paintings

Please fill out the form below to have your pet(s) added to my custom painting candidate pool. I select around 10 candidates for paintings each year from this pool. Since my ultimate goal is to paint every animal, I typically only select breads or types of animals that I haven’t painted already. See the full selection of animals I’ve painted here.

Please note: I select photos for custom paintings from this pool as my schedule permits. If your pet is selected, I send an email informing you prior to starting the painting.

**Only .jpg files are accepted**

16 x 20 inches - $37520 x 24 inches - $65030 x 40 inches - $1250

The Process

  • You provide photos of your pet(s) for me to use as a basis for the painting
    • The photos need to be head shots or a full body pose with clear focus and good lighting, so I can see the facial features well. I use the exact pose from the photo as reference for the painting (see pictures below).
    • More than one pet can be in the same painting as long as they are in the same photo.
    • Better quality and more unique photos are more likely to be chosen from the candidate pool.
    • Learn how to photograph pets – A great video about photographing cats
  • If your pet is selected from the candidate pool, I notify you via email prior to starting the painting.
  • I choose size, style, and colors that I feel will make the painting turn out best.


  • You get first dibs on purchasing the painting once it is finished, but you are not required to purchase. I want you to purchase the painting only if you totally LOVE it!
  • Typically, custom paintings range from $375-$1250 depending on size.
  • If you can’t afford the original painting, prints will also be available starting at $15.
  • This means that you can purchase a $15 print, the original painting, or nothing from me at all.


  • Each painting comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • I (Krystle Cole) retain all copyrights and reproduction rights to custom paintings.

To learn more about my creative process, read my blog post “Visionary Impressionism and the Practice of Mindful Painting“.

Reference Photo and Finished Painting Examples (Click on the images below to open a large image viewer.)